tisdag 28 oktober 2008


Since I'm in my homeland I'm allowing myself a post in English. 

Returning to the UK is always a strange experience. I look forward to it for some time before getting here and then it usually takes me about a day to miss Sweden. This trip is proving to be no exception to this rule.

The initial pleasure of buying Viz and Private Eye and then reading them on the train is already starting to wear off. The sight of several enormously obese people sprawled over a couple of seats smoking and eating themselves to death reminded me of the benefits of living in a country with healthy people. 

The rail company, however, is excelling itself with no delays and free internet (though this also means work e-mails). Right now I'm winding my way in the darkness up the east coast of England.  Soon we'll hit York and Durham and then the Toon.

As I mentioned in my last post, a family member is ill. I should probably write "friend of the family" to be strictly accurate but since he's my mother's partner and I've known him most of my life its pretty much the same thing.  

I've been "meaning" to go home for some time to see how things are but never quite got round to it. Now I'm getting round to it...

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Let Me Tell You About Sweden sa...

Hi mate

I hope it goes ok with your mothers partner.

It constantly amazes me how healthy the Swedes are in comparison with us Brits, amazing!

On that note down plenty of Newcastle Brown and scoff lots of fish and chips!


D. sa...

Thanks for the message.

Yep - the contrast between the average Brit and Swede is striking and worrying.